New Resistance Training Workout for New Year "4-6-90-90" : Passion For Fitness
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New Resistance Training Workout for New Year "4-6-90-90"

by PAUL EADE on 01/02/17

Love developing workouts....with my age (53) in mind and numerous past injuries, I devised a workout that will help build muscle, lose fat and stay injury free.

4 = number of exercises; you can choose 4 exercises for 1 body part or multiple bodyparts

6 = number of sets

90 = total reps per exercise (25 reps first set; 20 reps; 15 reps; 10 reps; 10 reps; 10 reps)

90 = time between sets (on compound movements like barbell squats, deadlifts or bench presses, use 180 seconds (3 minute rest interval) 

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