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Cardio Equipment

by PAUL EADE on 01/04/17

In November, I purchased our first "Zero Runner" by Octane Fitness.

I've been eyeing this type of cardio machine for a while.

My interest stems from the claim of "ZERO impact" running.

I've always been pretty adamant about how outdoor pavement/road running beats up the body and my preference for clients and members is treadmill running.

Octane's claims are true! Our new Zero Runner has been a huge success. Not only does the unit give you the "feel" and "look" of running, I get off of this unit and feel NO STRESS on ANY JOINTS!

I'm a believer and have ordered our 2nd Zero Runner. All members who I've trained on runner are hooked! Once I tested runner and realized the zero impact quality, I knew that when a dedicated treadmill/outdoor runner gave the unit a try, they would be sold. Another great piece of cardio equipment to use in your toolbox.

Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat....Compete!


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