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When the gym owner is a competitive athlete, you get the benefit of having a variety of he best training equipment available. Whether we are holding a physique show, tire flipping contest, tossing beer kegs, performing high repetition powerlifting (PowerX) , maxing out with power lifts or holding cross training group exercise classes, Paul promises to have the area's BEST EQUIPMENT available and strives to buy everything made by hard working USA employees!
"USA made is important to me because not only am I a gym owner, I have a 30 year career in Process Engineering at Cutco Cutlery - The World's Finest Kitchen Cutlery Manufacturer right here in Olean, NY"

Assault Air Bikes (4 in Gym)

Glute - Hamstring Raise (works calves too!)
ROGUE Fitness: USA made training bars 
and storage stand
(Slayer Hex Bar for Deadlifting; Specfic Deadlifting Bar with great flex; Monster Rogue Hex Bar - Great for Outdoor Farmer's Walk)

Training Area for Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and Cross Fit
Rogue Leg Press - use uni-laterally or with both legs at a time; this monster press can handle well over 1,000 pounds; "I like the uni-lateral feature, you can really feel the difference between the leg strength in each leg, great for bringing up strength in weaker side"
Abdominal Area - Various machines including Abcoaster products (4), Cybex, Bodymaster & Life Fitness Crunch Machines, Ab Mat and stand for supported or handing knee ups and leg raises
Can't forget your Calf Muscles! this Hammer Strength Seated Calf (plate load) machine is the most comfortable way to blast your calves and if you are shorter - you can perform leg presses on this unit. Remember your Biceps and Calves should measure the same size for good body symmetry (that's for the young gents)
Concept 2 Rowing Machines - great Back and Shoulder workout with the Legs providing a push!
Time to give the treadmill a break and work some other muscles during your cardio session
8,000 square feet of the area's best equipment, Open 24 hours, downtown Olean in the revitalized North Union Street area. Below you'll see some but of course not all of our equipment.
StairWay made by the folks at Jacob's Ladder of Buffalo, NY. "My favorite stepper!, an awesome way to really work the entire lower leg , remember - 40% of your muscle is from the hips down, work leg muscles often !!"
Need Rings? We got them!
"Old School" Icarian Hack Squat and Leg Press - if you have been in this game as long as me, you know the quality of these leg machines, built to last forever and provide your legs with an awesome workout
MAG (made in the USA) Back Exercise Attachments, Comfortable on Hands & Wrists, Isolates Back Muscles, 
"Big Back Day shouldn't be without these tools"
Ellipticals & Recumbents Made by Octane Fitness
New Rogue Monster Squat Stand

ROGUE LANDMINE - Back, Shoulders, Legs etc...
Talk to a personal trainer on the advantages of using a LANDMINE
NEW Legend "Made in the USA" Sissy Squat Bench on order!
New SLAM Balls
Made in the USA by Rogue

NEW made in the USA 

4 new Ivanko Rubber 100 pound plates
(brings our total to 8 - 100 pound rubber plates - GREAT for deadlifting!)
GREAT for squatting and benching

NEW ROGUE bar lifter makes changes weight so easy!!!